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We know what we’re doing and we’re here to help you finish! Call us every time you hit a roadblock and we’ll help you find a way around.


We have your back. Let us do the work while you focus on your writing. 


We’re here to help you publish YOUR work. As the captain of the ship, we work as your crew to help you through this journey.

Web Design

Impress your audience with a professional website that does justice to your work. Let them know that you are an serious player in the industry!

Google Marketing

Make sure that your readers find you on Google! Associate your name with keywords and phrases to give you the exposure that you want.

Facebook Marketing

Get social! Let us manage your social media presence to engage your followers the right way. Understand what gets your readers excited so you can build a loyal following.

Press Release

Boost your reputation in the industry by getting attention from credible sources. We help you partner with the right media outlets to help you start right.

Author Branding

Set yourself apart by becoming a household name. We make sure that your persona gets the right visual identity that demands attention.

Book Fairs

Network your way to the top! We’ll get you into trade shows with buyers, agents, film makers, and other decision makers!

About Us

We want you to enjoy writing while we do the heavy lifting. Our combined expertise in book publishing and marketing guarantees a smooth experience. You get stress-free, fast, and reliable service that gives you more time to focus.
Like you, we want to be at the top of our game by providing the best service for writers.

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